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DJ KRUNKMASTER DJ SLIK True to the moniker “Krunkmaster” DJ Slik’s crunk energy and the connection he makes with the crowd are the obvious reasons for his title. The bestowment of the name was never acquired but rather taken! Ever the life of the party DJ Silk's journey to becoming a household name in the Virgin Islands was not a road easily traveled. Collis Mitchell better known as DJ Slik’s or Slik was born in Tallahassee, FL. The Mitchell family with young Collis later relocated to the Caribbean island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The mixture of two different cultures would later outline the core of Slik’s musical exposure. The U.S. Virgin Islands being Caribbean in nature with its U.S. connection always had a love for hip-hop and reggae culture. It is no coincidence that Slik became infatuated with hip-hop and its cousin reggae. DJ Silk’s journey into the world of music began in 1994 on the island of St. Croix as part of the rap group CALLED CYPHA CYNDICATE. The rap group, similar in size to the Wu-tang clan, was missing something essential, a DJ. As opposed to being another rapper in the group, Slik decided to become the group’s DJ. The decision to become a DJ better suited Slik’s interests mainly because he loved DJing more than anything else. HIP-HOP music instantly became his preferred genre due to his upbringing by American parents. In February of ’95, DJ Slik teamed up with two friends, Smalls and DJ Triga to form a sound system called Trinity Krew International. The group’s concept was to bring versatility to the art of DJing. Through their combined musical knowledge and love of hip hop, reggae, and calypso; Trinity Krew Int ’l instantly became a household name with teens and young adults on St. Croix. The fusion of these three musical genres in one sound system provided the missing link with the younger generation. In August of 2000, DJ Slik moved to NYC to master the music and entertainment business. A year later he returned to the island determined to take over the music scene as a solo act after parting amicably with Trinity Krew int’l. Professionally Slik has deejayed for the likes of Beenie Man, the Fugees, Tanya Stephens, Collie Buddz, Ne-Yo, and many more. His interaction in the club, radio, and concert scenes have aided in the development of his skills and knowledge of music as a whole. Slik’s love of hip-hop was met with great criticism on St. Croix due to a much larger Caribbean musical culture with genres such as reggae and calypso. Always an optimist this criticism later proved to be the driving force needed to set Slik apart from various other DJs and sounds. Dj silk’s skills have been influenced by the like of hip-hop greats funkmaster flex, Dj doo Wop, as well as virgin island favorites Dj swain, doghart int’l, and many others. DJ Slik always the opportunist was not limited solely to DJing; he decided to promote himself even further with mixtapes. These mixtapes were distributed throughout the island from east to west expanding his fan base even further. Slik’s popularity led to a radio show offered on Isle 95 the island’s most popular radio station. In February of 2004 “The Wicked Mix at 6” debuted as a regular two-hour program. The radio show later lead to even more air time for the Krunkmaster and as word of DJ Slik’s reign on the radio station spread to the mainland and neighboring islands; his fan base expanded KRUNKMASTER DJ SIK has also been fundamental in the development of local talent in the Virgin Islands; especially those originating from St. Croix. Popular Virgin Island acts such as the v.i.g.s, the krime fam, and Rena faith have been and still are the main focus of the krunkmaster. DJ Slik through his radio show has provided an avenue for local talent to be featured. Slik has created and hosted countless mixtapes featuring local artists on the island. In May 2005 DJ Slik introduced Jahlion sound movements to the public at his annual birthday bash. In July of 2007, DJ Silk made the decision to move his family to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue an already fruitful music career. Collaborating with long-time friend Jahlion sounds movements; the two quickly secured a venue as headline DJs less than 6 months after his arrival. In 2009 DJ Slik returned to the island of St. Croix to continue his quest to dominate the Virgin Islands' music scene with his brand of krunk and can be heard on weekdays on Isle 95 from 7 pm to 12 am and on Sundays from 12 to 4 pm. He currently serves as owner and president of DJS Entertainment, A& R of Fam Entertainment, and as an active DJ for Shadyville Caribbean DJs and rocharder DJs. Slik is committed to elevating the music and entertainment scene on St. Croix. He has proven that there is good music coming from the Virgin Islands and is focused on showcasing the Virgin Islands' talent to the mainstream. Equipment: Erato scratch live - pioneer cdjs 800s-1000s - mac book pro or dell pc Musical genres: hip hop, R&B, reggae Typical DJ setting: clubs & concerts... House parties are cool once its done right.. Love the hood and the energy that comes out of the hood Services: mixtape hosting, commercial voiceovers, show MCing, DJing (clubs, concerts radio mix shows), A&R direction, event planning and club promotions, and talent promotion. FOLLOW DJ SLIK ON HIS JOURNEY TO GREATNESS!!!! WE DEH BOUT.... BELIEVE IT!!! ... Read More

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